Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So Just What Is A PAD File?

PAD is an acronym for Portable Application Description. This is a document file format that has specified qualities and is machine readable. It was designed and introduced in 2000 by the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) who registered it as a trademark. A large number of software publishers utilizes this software in down loading applications. The ASP PAD committee manages the specification of PAD. Software authors use PAD to provide product specification and standardization to online sources.

The PAD uses XML schema that allows program librarians and webmasters in automating new program listings and updating existing ones in their catalogues. This software saves time for webmasters and authors in that it allows its specification in supporting advanced changes to hardware and operating systems.

PAD files usually have .PAD or .XML file extension at the end. Its specification uses very unique tags which are free of any attributes. This means that it uses a XML syntax that uses no names and does not value pairs. If many languages are present in a PAD file, it is necessary to do a correct parsing descending through the path since these leaf tags is a duplication of the each language. There is a regular expression which acts as a constraint in each field. Files are correctly named PAD files if they conform to the specifications. These regular expressions should match with the field value so that the file can be regarded as a PAD file otherwise it will not be regarded as such.

These PAD files enable software authors to give online sources with their product information to internet users. This type of files enables the user to store all the information of a product in one place including the product specification, price, product specifications, system requirements, price, file names, contact information, and many others.

PAD files are easy to create as because the ASP has put a wide range of free tools that help you create, maintain and modify your own PAD files. Once you have designed and created your own PAD file, you should place it in two different locations. Place one file in your ZIP file for people to access the information they need while distributing your software and the other in your own website for people access.

The PAD file format was created to overcome the many challenges encountered by the software authors including the need to frequently updating of information in their programs. PAD was created to make it simple for synchronization of information between software developers and their promoters since it allows all software information to be updated on a developer's website from a single location. This file also allows for software's to be listed in the shortest time to many sites.

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