Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Coolest Guy in Boise

After poll results asking local resident to name the Coolest Guy in Boise, Idaho were tallied up, the result are now official.  Michael J. Taggart is now officially the Coolest Guy in Boise.
July 11th, 2012 Boise, ID–Michael J. Taggart is now officially the "Coolest Guy" in Boise, ID. 
Results of a recent survey in which responders were asked to name the Coolest Guy in Boise yielded what some would say was a very predictable result, internet marketing genius and well-known local marketing expert Michael J. Taggart was picked more than any other recognized name in the Treasure Valley.
When asked about the survey results, and the honor in which it carries, Taggart responded in his normal snarky fashion “I have never worried about trying to be the “Cool Guy”, much less “The Coolest Guy” out there, in fact, I’ve often been told I am quite warm and fuzzy…especially after forgetting to shave for a couple of days.”
“I just do what comes naturally to me, which includes thinking outside of the box, stating my opinion even if it is a bit controversial, and living how I believe is the best way for my family and I.  Also, it could also be the fact that I am a Scottish Lord, which might something to do with it…but I would like to think that my penchant for wearing a skirt played a small if nonexistent role in my coolness factor.”
“Was it a surprise I was chosen as the Coolest Guy in Boise?  Perhaps it was a shock to some, but not really for me.  I was also recently on the list of “The 7 Most Fascinating InternetMarketers of 2011”, which highlighted my ability to cause a stir on demand, without apologizing for my methods of said stirring.”
“My local marketing clients and online students will attest to my no nonsense nature when it comes to marketing aggressively for them.  My outside of the box style is a real value that I bring to every single one of my private clients and students.  By creating unique, interesting and unforgettable marketing campaigns that are different than those offered by everyone else in the local marketing industry, my clients gain a substantial edge over their competitors.  If that makes me “Cool” then I am quite comfortable with that.”
Taggart has thousands of followers that can attest to his knowledge of search engine marketing, better known in the marketing industry as SEM.  At last count, Michael had over 3000 active students in his online marketing training course for local marketing professionals, and has spoken on numerous stages across the country on the subject of local marketing and search engine optimization methods.
In addition, Taggart and his marketing agency “Adventure Marketing” manage hundreds of business clients marketing campaigns in a whole range of industries, from local doctors, dentists, chiropractors,  car dealerships and retailers all over the country.
One of Michael’s former students, now turned business partner Ivan Budimir, had this to say; “Michael Taggart is most definitely well deserving of the title “Coolest Guy in Boise” just based on all of the knowledge and training he has shown me over the years.  Michael works on the literal razors edge of search engine optimization and marketing.  The work he does for his private clients is nothing short of amazing, he has the uncanny ability to get his clients ranked highly on the search engines in record time.  Without Michael Taggart, many businesses would not be where they are today.”
Michael Taggart can be reached at his agency by phone at 208-908-0626
You can also connect with him on the various social networking sites listed below:

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